Custom AI Apps for Field & Construction Operations

Accelerate your company on the Rantir platform to compute risk ratings for projects, analyze specific cut and fill volume measurements, machine stats, weather patterns & crew operators logs, and pre-task plans. All with AI.

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Construction Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Project managers, owners and operators are both looking for new ways to identify issues, be safer on the jobsite, track their results and gain more insight....

...With our new AI-powered features, we’re enabling teams to make decisions based on real data. Our application is tailored to your Opps team, designed from the bottom up and are now helping to sort and identify details that once took hours of oversight.

For Project Managers to Connect and sync your data
With our Voice to Text feature, you can sync your AI forms back to the home office.
For Owners to Analyze usage trends
Ask your own AI for engineering requests like specific cut and fill volume measurements, machine stats, weather patterns & crew operators logs.
For Project Coordinators to process submittals
Use AI to generate requests for information, open issues, and change orders are standard in the industry.
For Schedule Teams to report with 10X more accuracy
Use your AI to aids in project planning. We help train it to optimize the best path and corrects itself over time.
For Foremen to conduct better pre-task plans
AI helps staff remotely access real-life training material which helps them enhance their skills and knowledge quickly.
For CTOs to have the most Real-time cost reports
Use AI to predict cost overruns based on factors such as project size, contract type and the competence level of project managers.

Integrate Custom AI Applications into 100's of tools

We grew up with Bluebeam, Viewpoint, Plan Grid and Procore. We integrate with 100s of partners to read your data and build AI based tools for that data.

Get Started on the Rantir Platform for low as $99/Month
No credit card required, and customization may vary.
Custom Reports and Dashboards
We help you build out views that are custom to your bottom line
AI Based Tasks
Our AI can generate rich-snippets such as lists and progress cues for every employee.
AI based Chat & Pre Task Plans
With our Voice to Text, our AI can easily complete a form hands free. We can build out any type of form.
Live updates
Get real-time data synced across your entire team so that you can see your business costs sooner than ever.
Access Roles

Each AI is tailored specifically to your employee role.

Safe and secure
We understand breech of data better than anyone. We understand admin roles and tailoring AI Chat features to specific employees.
Daily sync

AI needs a wired connection, but you can Sync Offline.

Network reliability
Remote offices means remote teams. As any form builder and data house, we provide reliant remote sync features so that you can save your form entry and it can sync later.
Spreadsheets Made Easy

Simple tools,
powerful effects

Easily discoverable
Your tailored and custom AI is inside your spreadsheet, directly inside your data along with your remote field application for use everywhere.

We surveyed over 400+ Field supervisors in making Rantir

Join a growing community of utility superheroes, and jump on board the AI movement.

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