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Rantir is your backend to the tools you already use.


Making it easier to create beautiful internal and external AI experiences.

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Do it all with Build dashboards, sync data, create logic flows and chat with the entire base. We have built a backend powerhouse to share, embed, sell, and showcase anything, everything—all in one place.

Build Mode

Drag-and-Drop 100+ blocks and plugins

Design with 100+ blocks & app and build using Rantir's visual IDE beautiful dashboards, mobile applications and AI modules.

Demo Rantir Cloud's Build Mode
Logic Mode

Automation engine with unlimited triggers

A powerful BPM tool that provides foundational support for business automation, with the capability to extend unlimited triggers and nodes, calculations, custom variables or data binding and third party integrations.

Demo the most powerful logic engine leveraging AI
Data Mode

CMS collections and postgresql storage

Experience a more robust Rowy or Airtable option, with external opions and built as a modern relational database such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite all under the hood.

See how we can import & use your data
AI Mode

Chat with your data and build reports

Chat with your Data to get instant reports, automatically generate patterns to predict future outcomes and generate key insights for data, improve campaigns, identify churn and more.

Install Rantir AI for your business

Beautiful backend experiences built on top of any no-code frontend. Get out of the box, security, version control, AI explore, design styling & 100+ blocks.

Total control, infinite scalability and modern styles with the Rantir platform. Swiftly adapt to a community of those pushing boundaries without code. Save millions in investments and time by deploying a powerful but flexible dashboard for internal and extenal tools in minutes.


Exciting Opportunities Awaits

Scaling new Heights

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a rising talent, our collaborative environment is designed to empower and inspire. Let's embark on a journey of crafting digital futures together. Work with us, where every project is an opportunity to make a lasting impact in the digital realm.

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