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Build AI-first portals, applications and smart web backend experiences without using code.

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It should be easier to build a flexible AI backends

Rantir is driven by a simple yet powerful
Rantir is driven by a simple yet powerful
philosophy – you should be able to own your AI
philosophy – you should be able to own your AI
experience and visually deploy it anywhere.
experience and visually deploy it anywhere.

Latest research & Documentation

Backup & Restore
Discover versioning and using Rantir Cloud's backup and restore plugin for replication, migration, and upgrading
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Localization management
The Localization Management plugin is designed to assist in managing and implementing the localization process for Rantir Cloud
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Theme editor
Introducing our Build Mode, and use our Drag and Drop theme editor for modifying the style of the entire front-end page
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March 10, 2024
SOAR Analysis Guide: Identifying Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, & Results
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March 10, 2024
News & Updates
Rantir integration for Open AI's New "See, Hear & Speak" Mode
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Design with 100+ blocks & app and build using Rantir's visual IDE beautiful dashboards, mobile applications and AI modules.

Demo Rantir Cloud's Build Mode

A powerful BPM tool that provides foundational support for business automation, with the capability to extend unlimited triggers and nodes, calculations, custom variables or data binding and third party integrations.

Demo the most powerful logic engine leveraging AI

Experience a more robust Rowy or Airtable option, with external opions and built as a modern relational database such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite all under the hood.

See how we can import & use your data

Chat with your Data to get instant reports, automatically generate patterns to predict future outcomes and generate key insights for data, improve campaigns, identify churn and more.

Schedule a Demo to see how easy setting up Rantir AI is for your business

Beautiful backend experiences built on top of any no-code frontend.

Total control, infinite scalability and modern styles with the Rantir platform. Swiftly adapt to a community of those pushing boundaries without code. Save millions in investments and time by deploying a powerful but flexible dashboard for internal and extenal tools in minutes.

Over 68 Apps icon In the Ranir Marketplace

Do it all with Build dashboards, sync data, create logic flows and chat with the entire base. We have built a backend powerhouse to share, embed, sell, and showcase anything, everything—all in one place.

UI schema storage

Provides centralized UI schema storage service.

Mobile client

Provides the ability to configure mobile pages.

Error handler

Handling application errors and exceptions.

API documentation

An OpenAPI documentation generator for Rantir Cloud HTTP API.


Server-side logs, mainly including API request logs and system runtime logs, and allows to package and download log files.

Audit logs (deprecated)

This plugin is deprecated. There will be a new audit log plugin.


Allows to manage localization resources of the application.

Theme editor

Customize UI colors, sizes, etc. and save the result as a theme to switch between multiple themes.

System settings

Used to adjust the system title, logo, language, etc.

App backup & restore

Backup and restore applications for scenarios such as application replication, migration, and upgrades.

Workflow: SQL node

Execute arbitrary SQL statements against the database in a workflow.

Workflow: Parallel node

Provides branching processes for workflows, with branches executing in parallel.

Workflow: Manual node

Used in scenarios where manual decision-making and manual data entry are required.

Workflow: Loop node

Used to repeat the sub-process processing of each value in an array, and can also be used for fixed times of sub-process processing.

Workflow: HTTP request node

Send HTTP requests to any HTTP service for data interaction in workflow.

Workflow: Form trigger

Bind form buttons to trigger workflow events when submitting.

Workflow: Dynamic calculation node

For record under different conditions, different expressions are called for computation, which are sourced from an expression collection.

Workflow: Delay node

Could be used in workflow parallel branch for waiting other branches.

Workflow: Aggregate node

Used to aggregate data against the database in workflow, such as: statistics, sum, average, etc.


A powerful BPM tool that provides foundational support for business automation, with the capability to extend unlimited triggers and nodes.

Auth: API keys

Allows users to use API key to access application HTTP API.

Auth: SMS

SMS authentication for Rantir Cloud.


User authentication management, including password, SMS, and support for Single Sign-On (SSO) protocols, with extensibility.


Provides a basic user model, as well as createdBy and updatedBy fields.

Access control

Based on roles, resources, and actions, access control can precisely manage interface configuration permissions, data operation permissions, menu access permissions, and plugin permissions.

Action: Print

Calls the browser's print function to print a record.

Action: Import records

Import records using excel templates, suitable for importing small amounts of data.

Action: Export records

Export filtered data to excel, suitable for exporting small amount of data.

Action: Duplicate record

Duplicate a record, you can either duplicate it into a form and edit it before saving it, or you can duplicate it directly to generate a new record.

Action: Custom request

Sending a request to any HTTP service supports sending context data to the target service.

Action: Batch update

Batch update all records or selected records.

Action: Batch edit

Batch edit all records or selected records.

Block: iframe

Create an iframe block on the page to embed and display external web pages or content.

Block: Map

Map block, support Gaode map and Google map, you can also extend more map types.

Block: Kanban

Provides kanban block.

Block: Gantt

Provides Gantt block.


Provides callendar collection template and block for managing date data, typically for date/time related information such as events, appointments, tasks, and so on.

Data visualization

Provides data visualization feature, including chart block and chart filter block, support line charts, area charts, bar charts and more than a dozen kinds of charts, you can also extend more chart types.

Administrative divisions of China

Provides data and field type for administrative divisions of China.

File manager

Provides files storage services with files collection template and attachment field.

Collection fields: Snapshot

When adding a new record, create a snapshot for its relational record and save in the new record. The snapshot will not be updated when the relational record is updated.

Collection fields: Sequence

Automatically generate codes based on configured rules, supporting combinations of dates, numbers, and text.

Collection fields: Markdown(Vditor)

Used to store Markdown and render it using Vditor editor, supports common Markdown syntax and supports uploading images, recordings, etc.It also allows for instant rendering, where what you see is what you get.

Collection fields: Formula

Configure and store the results of calculations between multiple field values in the same record, supporting both Math.js and Excel formula functions.

File manager

Support for configuration file storages, including built-in options such as local storage, OSS, and S3, with extensibility. Additionally, it provides a file collection template and attachment fields.

Collection: Tree

Connection to remote data tables implemented based on the database's foreign data wrapper (FDW), currently supporting MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.


Provides calendar collection and block for managing date data, typically for date/time related information such as events, appointments, tasks, and so on.

Collection: Expression

Used to store expressions for use in workflows so that different expressions can be called for different data.

Collection: SQL

Quickly present structured SQL query results without the need to create views, commonly used for complex join queries, statistics, and other scenarios.

Collection: Database view

Create a collection with database view.

Data source: Main database

Rantir Cloud main database, supports relational databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and so on.

Graph collection manager

An ER diagram-like tool. Currently only the Main database is supported.

Data source manager

Manage data sources, including the built-in Main database, external databases, APIs, etc.

Built for today's AI enterprise & designed for modern teams.

Ranit Ecosystem 2.1 for kiosks & digital sinage

Rantir's family of Hardware.

Deploy an AI , and chat first Kiosk or digital reception with our SDK kit that allows you to give your brand an entirely modern experience. Completely customize the chat, interface with our drag and drop interface, white-label ready.

go enterprise

Let Rantir onboard your company into AIOT




In this crucial initial phase we engage either remote or on-premise in comprehensive consultations with the client to understand their vision, goals, and expectations and what AI is capable of. Through a series of interviews, workshops, and discussions, we dive into the core objectives of the your project.

We onboard you on to Rantir Ecosystem 2.1 where we help your team understand our generated content platform and visual development tool to spearhead the project roadmap.

Fine Tuning


We deploy or work with your current data center to help conceptualized your AI brand identity. Simultaneously, the development team employs cutting-edge technologies to bring these chat experiences to life, ensuring robust functionalities tailored to meet the your specific needs.

This phase is characterized by a harmonious blend of artistic creativity, python and AI technical expertise, resulting in a digital solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally on-topic and on-brand.



Collaboration remains key as we work with an on-site technical team to install both AI applications and hardware installations closely with the client, presenting initial designs and functionalities for feedback. This iterative process allows for continuous refinement, ensuring that the client's vision aligns seamlessly with the end product.

Our end-to-end SDK kit software install to on-premise Kiosk or hardware install takes as little as 6-8 weeks,  making Rantir the culmination of the collaborative journey between the agency and the client as one of the quickest options to deploy AI into your operations, POS or reception areas.

AI micro-model to layer on top of any LLM. A Canvas for Unstructured data.

Custom micro modelsf or big impacts

Context Awareness & Memory

Packed Software Solution Customized to your Business & Operational Goals

Rantir underlaying AI layer is used to determine importance from a large sample of materials. Within a Data set it can tell your team which things you might want to prioritize.

Give your company long-term memory, across all employees and all active milestones and grows as your company does.


Dynamic UI

Crafting Digital Interfaces

Rantir intelligently configures information into formats appropriate to the material, presenting them to you in a way that best suits your needs, with drag-and-drop application for custom looks. This is Rantir's bread and butter with the latest HorizonOS & Alooma (Revox) Partnership


Proactive Agency

Installing Automations & Integrations

Building your AI on Rantir means that it is always looking for ways to help you — sometimes even before you remember to ask. Agency and AI agents will be more than just a flow or automation sync. Rantir AI learns from your every action with the HorizonOS interface.