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The drop off went smooth, and he mentioned that for all deliveries they  always focus on the details, and would prefer a review. However, the delivery could of been more on time. They were about 20 minutes late and I almost left.
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Rantir Horizon
Run a private cloud built for AI.
An entirely self-hosted Google Drive / Airtable / Firebase replacement — store your documents, calendar, contacts, photos and videos on your Rantir Headless Database with Horizon instead of Google’s servers.
Rantir OCR
Picture to Form

Transform the way you create forms with Rantir’s AI-powered solution. Take a picture of the paper form and auto create the schema and data, with industry leading precision.

Webflow Embed
Connect Rantir to Webflow

Build a hyper scalable and product-ready headless database powered dashboards, AI-chat, smart forms and even dynamic charts for your largest no-code projects.

No-coder's Best Friend. A Data Engineer's Go-to.

CEO's most trusted.

Built with a headless database foundation, our enterprise-ready AI and data platform is designed to layer components on top of foundation models while being the frontend to collect unstructured data from everywhere.

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Give your company long-term memory, across all employees and all active milestones and grows as your company does.

Context Awareness

Rantir underlaying AI layer is used to determine importance from a large sample of materials. Within a Data set it can tell your team which things you might want to prioritize.

Dynamic UI

Rantir intelligently configures information into formats appropriate to the material, presenting them to you in a way that best suits your needs, with drag-and-drop application for custom looks.

Hand Free

Rantir's voice recognition draws deeper connections within both the chat between the AI and employee but also submission or entries made from the data.

Proactive Agency

Building your AI on Rantir means that it is always looking for ways to help you—sometimes even before you remember to ask.


In time, your company’s AI picks up on patterns specific to you, learning to respond to you with more awareness.

Automations & Routines

Ask your AI to show up at specific times to perform specific tasks or even alert you to submit a new entry for a particular data point.

Document Intelligence

Rantir at its core, brought over 12+ years in working with over 400+ companies within the  headless data industry with personalized OCR advancements.

Working with the Rantir team early on made combined design and development with early conversations to implement AI within our stack. We were happy to work together to help bring no-code, with code and AI.

David K
Chief Product Strategy Officer at EasyKnock