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for teams onboarding AI

We are changing the way companies' build with AI and removing unnecessary, mundane tasks by saving time with our suite of AI products.

The opportunity to disrupt Construction, Hospitality, Health Care and Operations is massive.

Our suite of tech solutions, are both open-source and community driven, so that your team can 100x your production & operational costs.

Horizon OS crosses over 2K users. Try a headless-based data cloud, for AI embeds.

As the foundation for Sendero's No Code Clients, the Horizon project expands into the thousands. Next steps will be to integrate it with our AI chat builder.

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AI Customization

for result-drive transformations


End Clients Served with different enterprise options for installing AI and setting up your future intelligent suite.


Users across 5 products & 3 companies. Choosing right setup and configuration setup for your business.


in ROI from installing AI for human-based actions, supervise learning expertise over the years.

Introducing Benti developed from the Rantir Research Lab

Ever wanted a personalized link-in a bio tool that could also chat with you? The team inside Rantir Research launched Benti.ai a personalized link-based website builder that converts your social entries and posts into deep conversational experiences.

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Rantir Micro Models

Custom micro models

for big impacts

Micro-models behind every product
Explore the AI micro-model to layer on top of any LLM. A Canvas for Unstructured data.

Built with a headless database foundation, our enterprise-ready micro models are open-source and designed to layer components on top of foundation models while being the frontend to collect unstructured data from everywhere.


Give your company long-term memory, across all employees and all active milestones and grows as your company does.

Component Based
Remember Syntax
Context Awareness

Rantir underlaying AI layer is used to determine importance from a large sample of materials. Within a Data set it can tell your team which things you might want to prioritize.

Dynamic UI

Rantir intelligently configures information into formats appropriate to the material, presenting them to you in a way that best suits your needs, with drag-and-drop application for custom looks. This is Rantir's bread and butter with the latest HorizonOS & Alooma (Revox) Partnership

Component Based
Design System
Proactive Agency

Building your AI on Rantir means that it is always looking for ways to help you — sometimes even before you remember to ask. Agency and AI agents will be more than just a flow or automation sync. Rantir AI learns from your every action with the HorizonOS interface.


In time, your company’s AI picks up on patterns specific to you, learning to respond to you with more awareness. It then builds on those patterns on every aspect of every tool within our network.

Company Components
Beyond GUI

Rantir's voice recognition draws deeper connections within both the chat between the AI and employee but also submission or entries made from the data. Hardware is the next generation of interaction with technology and Rantir AI is on the forefront.

Smart Systems
Modular AI Compontents

We are changing the

way companies build with AI

Rantir solutions are designed for all types of work. We specialize in harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, crafting cutting-edge database solutions, performing advanced analytics on vast datasets and delivering cloud-native software that fortifies your resources.

Let’s build an AI future that works for everyone.

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